Organization Development [OD] – What is OD?  When is OD needed?  How is OD provided?

What is OD? 

Organization development is a process.  OD can focus on any of an organization’s parts, systems, and resources.  One description of the substance and practice of OD is:

(1) a planned, data-based process; (2) organization-wide and supported from the top leaders; (3) managed collaboratively at all levels, to (4) change positively an organization’s effectiveness and health in knowledge, behavior, processes, and structure, through (5) planned interventions using an appropriate blend of behavioral and systems science technique, research, and theory

When is OD needed? 

OD can be applied any time that an organization wants to make planned improvements.  One or more “yes” answers to the following questions may indicate a need for Adlitem Solutions:

    –    Is the organization undergoing transition from one stage of growth to another?
    –    Does the organization lack direction due to weak structure or lack of guidance from upper management or principals?
    –    Is there a sense of unrealized potential? Is the organization undergoing an “identity crisis” – lacking a sense of who it is or what its purpose is?
    –    Is the organization clinging to products, services, or practices that are not effective?
    –    Is the organization experiencing low staff morale, gaps in development, or turnover?
    –    Are there people in the organization who are stopping or hindering progress?
    –    Are leaders not effective?
    –    Does conflict hinder teamwork?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then your people, projects, or practices may benefit from Adlitem Solutions.

How does Adlitem Solutions provide OD?

    –    Interventions focused on individuals – people:  training, leadership development, career development, coaching;
    –    Interventions focused on projects involving work groups, teams, or between individual persons:  conflict resolution, skills training in communication, problem solving, and project planning and implementation;
    –    Interventions focused on the organization as a whole – practices:  development in mission, vision, values; goal setting, restructure or redesign.