Adlitem Solutions blends practical experience and applied behavioral science principles to assist the leaders of professional services firms generate an environment where members of the organization partner to discover better solutions, where change is accepted, and where high performance results by building trust, valuing teamwork, and fostering development.

Dan DeFoe, a seasoned trial attorney with a master of science degree in organization development psychology, owns Adlitem Solutions, and leads the organization development team. Dan has over twenty-five years of legal experience as a former appellate judicial law clerk, small firm attorney, solo practitioner, of counsel with a multi-office firm, and in-house corporate trial attorney for two corporations.  Dan worked as an allied health professional for over five years prior to entering the legal profession.

Adlitem Solutions partners with leaders of legal and other professional service firms, and uses the action research model to identify issues, assess strengths, gaps, and needs for human resources, define goals, craft strategies, and execute a plan to optimize professional service and provide value to clients and customers.