Welcome to Adlitem Solutions

Adlitem Solutions, based in the Kansas City, Missouri area, provides services in two key areas: (1) organization development (OD) services to professional service firms and the legal profession, and (2) alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Background. Adlitem Solutions, through its owner and lead consultant, Dan DeFoe, JD, MS, leverages a unique combination of allied health care and legal education, training, and work experience coupled with advanced study of applied behavioral science to provide a customized, client-focused approach to achieving organizational excellence goals discovered and defined by the client.

Services. Adlitem Solutions partners with the leaders of client organizations for all projects and engagements.  By combining years of practical experience with applied behavioral science concepts to discover and diagnose client needs, Adlitem Solutions will suggest practical interventions uniquely designed and tailored to meet real needs of its legal, healthcare, and other professional services firm partners.

Organizational Development. Adlitem Solutions uses practical, empirically based or tested models, tools, assessments, and methodologies to diagnose, design and implement interventions, and assist change in ways that encourage and strengthen individual, team, and organizational potential in the following Service Areas:

Conflict Management Systems – Design and develop conflict management systems as an organizational growth strategy in ways to address and manage conflict on a systemic level.

Individual Behavior – Features emotional intelligence and normal personality assessments and feedback, touching aspects of decision-making, social processes, leadership, interaction of individual, group, organizational, and environmental factors, and stress management.

Leadership and Influence Processes – Understand power and influence relationships; assist individuals and organizations to define leadership goals, chart pathways, and achieve results.

Organizational Psychology and Behavior – Group process focus and application of organizational theories to diagnose organizational problems and develop coherent action plans that address and consider the dynamics of the organizational cultural and political systems at work; systems management of organizational change.

Planned Change – Interpersonal interventions, team development, and continuous improvement processes.

Team Development & Facilitation – Development, evolution, and establishment of norms, handling dissension and problem solving at team and group levels.

Training and Development – Use proven instructional design techniques to maximize performance improvement aligned with business imperatives.

Image Credit and Reference: Meaningful Work – The Cellist here